Back in October, I took a trip to Austin with my friend Cameron Smith for a secret scouting mission. While I was there I got a few cool photos to reference in Adler’s Watch issue #3. It was very lucky that we found this spot too, because this issue would not be near as interesting nor mysterious had I not found this location.

Originally, it was all to take place underneath Congress bridge which is a hotspot for bat-watching or whatever you’d like to call it. This new spot I found, is sort of tucked away within downtown. We actually found it just down the street from a bar on 6th street. There were quite a few hobos there. Honestly, I’d want to live there if I were a hobo. Close to a gas station too, in case someone throws money at you.

It was very beautiful. It felt sort of like stepping outside of normal Texas urban territory into some other culture altogether. And it turns out there were bats nesting under those bridges as well. We weren’t there at night, but I imagine it would be very spooky and mystical around that time.

I’m completely aware I don’t draw the backgrounds entirely accurately. It’s usually my lack of attention to detail, or just changing things around to fit what I want in the story. But you can certainly tell where the area was meant to be. I hope to have enough room in this issue to use this entire area, but even if I don’t, there may be a chance I’ll come back to it later :D