Hey everyone! Yeah it’s me posting another page again! Lookit that! Anyways, here are some updates!

The issue I’m working on with Titanium Comics has not been published but when it is I’ll be sure to post a link where you can buy the download or print. FYI I only do pencils and inks for them, so don’t expect Anna-esque writing.

And! I’ve begun working with Calligraphy pens instead of the Sakura Pigment pens I’ve been using the past decade or so. The transition was a little wonky and I got ink all over some pictures but I didn’t ruin anything too bad haha. Hopefully it will add something good to my work but so far I can’t see much a difference beyond it saving me a buttload in art supply costs.

I’ll be moving to Chicago on August 5th (yeah I move a lot, WHAT GIVES?) so I’ll have even more stuff to do on my plate. So no promises for when the next page comes out but like always, I’ll do what I can when I can.


EDIT: I realize I forgot to draw the car in the background. Will attend to that when possible!