•  Main Characters

Anthony Adler is a complicated, emotionally distant and secretive criminal from the 19th century. His history is somewhat dire, but his humor is in tact. He’s good at breaking into things and learns quickly, but is unfortunately clumsy. He tends to enjoy risky situations. Adler’s morality is not so easy to analyze, and it sometimes wavers depending on his mood.  He’s sarcastic, rude, haste, and has dirty habits. He is usually referred to by his last name. His primary weapon is a Flintlock pistol. Adler is 5’11, born in 1867, 24 years old.

Sammy Brandy is the rational, tactical one of the group. She quickly calculates possibilities and outcomes and thinks thoroughly before each step. She likes to prank people but she’s mostly mature and knows how to gauge the seriousness of a situation. Sammy is a caring person who looks out bravely for other peoples’ safety, especially her companions. Her primary weapons are explosives and hand-to-hand combat. She’s 5’4, 23 years old.

Marie is a secretive and cunning woman. She’s spontaneous and sadistic in humor, selfish, socially awkward, and not quite sound of mind. Marie has a suspicious attitude and reaction to things. She’s also flighty and generally unhelpful. Because she’s paranoid, Marie goes by “23” as her name. Her primary weapons are two cleavers. Marie is 5’2, 24 years old.



  • Villains

roget-hex-craft-charactercolorednobgxsmHex-Craft is Roget Rourke’s alter ego. He wields a scythe, any powers have yet to be revealed.

  • Others

Roget Rourke was missing for four years. He is the CEO of the family owned Rourke International Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the world. He states that the reason he went missing was due to a car wreck that caused amnesia, and was not recognized after a messy venture through the forest. He is a charming man, usually he is very calm, but will occasionally burst with a violent anger or passion. Roget mysteriously exists in two timelines, as Adler mentions knowing him in the 19th century. Roget is 6’1, 29 years old.

Elliot Rourke is a highly esteemed psychiatrist in a psyche ward for the criminally insane. He took over ownership of the Rourke International Bank while Roget was missing, and appears to be very stressed about it. Along with his partner, he is murdered by Roget Rourke AKA Hex-Craft in the end of issue 3. Elliot is 5’10, 27 years old.




  • Minor Characters

Ross was introduced in Issue 1: A Century in Seconds, though his main appearance was in Issue 2: Attack of the Manticore. He is a rational man who didn’t like the idea of people making money by lying. Because of this, Ross tore down the flyers Sammy and Marie left to advertise their business. It was this very action that may have saved his life when he encountered the manticore, having the flyer with a number to call the girls. He vanished without a word after the ordeal. Marie claims he was in shock and ran away after paying her.

Lily is a girl who Adler encounters in Issue 3: Hide & Seek. She got lost while playing hide & seek with her sister and approached Adler for help getting home. Shortly after, they are attacked by the Morphing Bat Monster and Adler takes it upon himself to see that Lily is unharmed. She struggles to be brave and is persistent.  In Adler’s Watch, she is depicted as being 12 years old.


Many characters are inspired by likeness of existing people, but do not represent nor define those existing people.


  • Monsters

Appearances: Issue 2: Attack of the Manticore

Manticores are legendary creatures often described as having the body of a lion, three rows of teeth, the head of a human, and the tail of a scorpion. Occasionally, manticores are portrayed as having bat or eagle wings. The manticore in Adler’s Watch is known for its stupidity. She’s clumsy and doesn’t appear to know how to use her own body very well. This manticore is single-minded and slow, but dangerous nonetheless, utilizing her strong jaw and sharp teeth to puncture flesh and break elevator cables and she shoots needles from her tail.


Morphing Bat Monster
Appearances: Issue 3: Hide & Seek

The morphing bat monster seems to be unkillable. It’s not necessarily one entity, but a collective of bats whose bodies come together and form a single-minded creature. It’s screech sounds like aloud colony of bat krees all at once. Aside from the two red bats taking place at the eyes, they all appear to be normal, and are next to harmless before morphing together. They morph into this large beast and silently kill humans at night, tearing them to bits, and dangling them underneath bridges to feast on once they’ve dispersed again. The creature is very territorial, vengeful, and cunning.