I’ve decided to make future issues (starting issue 4 and up) available only through purchase. I wish I could continue to produce these comics for free, but my website is growing beyond what I can afford, and if I continue adding pages I’ll have to pay another $250/year on top of the approximately $300/year I pay. Add the hours spent working on the pages, art supplies, and advertising, I spend a hefty price and make maybe $30 back per year.

I have no doubt that keeping the site up will still keep me in the negatives even after only selling future issues, but I really want to keep the first 3 issues available to all of you. If you like what you’ve read, the series will be available through links on the official website, and I will provide links on this page to alert everyone when a new issue is available. I will also be compiling every 6 issues into volumes, so you can choose to wait and buy the volumes.

This may seem disappointing, but if I’m making more money from the series, I can dedicate more time to it, rather than putting it on the backburner in favor of cheaper activities. I am hoping to have the issues come out every 3-4 months. I am currently working on getting the 2nd issue available in print, and finishing up issue 3 (the remaining pages of issue 3 will be published on the website, so no you won’t have to wait to buy it to finish the issue!) so I’ll post a link here when I’ve sorted that out. Thanks so much everyone for sticking with me through these past 3 years, I know it has been frustrating since my posts have slowed, and these past couple years have been all kinds of hectic for me and that’s affected my work. I really want to make my fans happy and let the story answer your questions, so stay tuned!

And yes, you can currently buy issue one, it has been on the market for some time now!