Okay so the site has been down for a while, and here’s the story. Moved out of my parents’ house! Ended up in Georgia for a while, that was great. I was suffering from depression, however. So I didn’t update Adler’s Watch, and I was feeling kinda bummed thinking there was no future for me in comics. Over the summer I got a gig doing some comic pages with the University of Houston which got me the cash I needed to make it up to NC, where I now live with the man who got me into webcomics in the first place! Only we had no internet. Then, once we GOT internet, my laptop broke. I had no art table anymore anyway since I had to leave it behind in the move.

Yep, at that point I was looking for jobs in fast food, anything to get by, didn’t seem like comics would be the life for me afterall. But in December, I got hired by Titanium Comics, got some big financial help from my family, and my sister bought me a friggen mac. So I’m back into comics, working on the title “FRAT” making a living doing what I love, and trying to get back into updating Adler’s Watch. Updates will not be very regular nor often but it’ll be something! :D